2017.01  Light Atittude for Kalblut Magazine 
2017.02  Tanya for VOGUE IT

2017.03  Layering Mirrors for Haute Punch Magazine
2017.03  Mirrors for VOGUE IT
2017.04  Sasha for VOGUE IT
2017.05  Picas for VOGUE IT
2017.06  Be yourself for VOGUE IT
2017.06 Multiverse for VOGUE IT
2017.07 Jade for VOGUE IT
2017.09 Abigail for VOGUE IT
2017.09 Dark for VOGUE IT
2017.06 Holy Tweed for Lucy’s Magazine
2017.10 Brown Freckles for VOGUE IT
2017.11 L’EGSQÈRE for This Bitch Magazine 


2016.01 Psycho Colour for Kaltblut Magazine
2016.03 Farfalla for VOGUE IT
2016.02 Crazy Colors for HUF Magazine
2016.03 Constellation… for VOGUE IT
2016.03 Wool Doll for Lucy’s Magazine
2016.03 Wild for VOGUE IT
2016.03 Wool Doll for Dreamingless Magazine
2016.03 Nymphes for Dreamingless Magazine
2016.04 Blooming Minimal for Liike Magazine
2016.04 Ours for VOGUE IT
2016.04 Elisa for Flanelle Magazine
2016.04 Sirens for Dreamingless Magazine
2016.05 Miss Gentleman for Liike Magazine
2016.06 Bridal Fashion Days: Brautkleider spanischer Designer for MarryMag
2016.06 Vivien for VOGUE IT
2016.06 Wake up for VOGUE IT
2016.07 Apocalyptic for Obscurae Magazine
2016.07 Abigail for Material Girl Magazine
2016.07 Shine a Light for Lucy’s Magazine
2016.07 Fairy for VOGUE IT
2016.07 Je… for VOGUE IT
2016.07 Apocalipse for VOGUE IT
2016.08 Sticky Life for Hangover Magazine
2016.08 Pilar for B-Authentique
2016.08 Sticky for VOGUE IT
2016.08 Denim on Denim for Lucy’s Magazine
2016.08 Spectrum for VOGUE IT
2016.08 Soft for Jute Magazine
2016.09 Old Soul for B-Authentique
2016.09 Old for VOGUE IT
2016.10 Nirvana for Wag1Mag
2016.10 Fell into Fall for Kalblut Magazine
2016.11 Give them Dreams not Tags for Hooligans Magazine


2015.02  90′ Bohème for Papercut Magazine
2015.02 White Lady for Solis Magazine
2015.03 Alone in… for VOGUE IT
2015.04 Essentials of Seduction for Ellèments Magazine
2015.05 Hey! Sweet babe! for Giuseppina Magazine 

2015.05 Candy Girl for VOGUE IT
2015.05 Sweet Telekinesis for VOGUE IT
2015.06 Sweet Colors for Hacid Magazine 

2015.06 Hey!Sweet babe! for Riven Magazine 
2015.07 Overheat for NIF Magazine
2015.07 Lost in… for VOGUE IT
2015.07 Soft & Spicy for VOGUE IT
2015.07 Pure… for VOGUE IT
2015.08 Desperation… for VOGUE IT
2015.08 Shining Stars for Xplota Magazine

2015.10 In my castle for VOGUE IT
2015.10 California Dream for B-Authentique
2015.10 IDENHEUGEN by Chelsea van den Berg for Just Magazine

2015.10 He’s the Man for Huf magazine 
2015.11 He’s the Man for Ellèments Magazine
2015.12 Out on my own for Elegant Magazine